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Wreck Diving in Hurghada - Wreck Diving 

 El Mina

There are more wreck diving places in the Red Sea, Hurghada.one of them is El Mina Wreck, It’ is the most Wreck Diving Site in Hurghada, el Mina lies on the port side directly in the port at a depth of 30 meters. Not far from the shore and is indicated by a stationary buoy, not a large buoy. It is the wreck of a Soviet-designed minesweeper that was bombed by an Israeli plane in the 1960s.

The rocky sea bed is 25m deep at the bow and 30m at the stern, The wreck is about 70m long, so you have plenty of time to cover the whole length of it, even at this depth.there’s a large hole in the starboard side of the hull through which you can enter the wreck and return being above the starboard side.

Immersion on the ship is very interesting and exciting.


INCLUDED for Price


One day onboard including one wreck dive and one daily dive with a dive guide. Time for lunch in between the dives.


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SS Thistlegorm Wreck

Duration: 05:00 - 17:00

The SS-Thistlegorm was a British Navy ship built-in 1940. its 4th journey started in May 1941 in Glasgow, Scotland and this was the last journey.

She was sunk on 6 October 1941 near Ras Muhammad in the Red Sea and is now it was an important and common diving site in Hurghada. 

SS Thistlegorm is the most famous wreck in Hurghada, Red Sea. At a depth of 31 meters, the remains of the ship formed an artificial reef on a sandy flat surface and serve as a habitat for a huge number of different representatives of marine fauna. as Deep Diving Hurghada Divers, we want to do anything to preserve this magic place for other divers and diving lovers who come from everywhere all over the World. If you want to learn more about how to enjoy your diving trip and discover the amazing wreck diving places in Hurghada. Just join us in Deep Dive Hurghada Center where we are trying to prepare you for wreck diving and Scuba Diving in Hurghada.


INCLUDED for Price


One day onboard, including two dives with a scuba diving guide on the Thistlegorm wreck. Breakfast early in the morning and lunch between dives.



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Алина Федорова

Незабываемое было погружение, для меня это первый дайв и теперь точно уверена,что не последний, спасибо огромное профессионалу своего дела инструктору Ахмеду ,рекомендую deep dive.Спасибо за полученные эмоции!!!!

Islam El Nady

A very decent diving center, i highly recommend

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