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Snorkeling Meaning and The best Snorkeling Sites in Hurghada with Deep Dive Hurghada.com



Snorkeling is a fantastic program that gives you more pleasure, fun, and happiness.but what is snorkeling, and what are the differences between snorkeling and diving? what is the Snorkeling Equipment that we can use? In Deep Dive Hurghada we offer the best Snorkeling Program as We have Certified Divers who provide you with the best snorkeling tips to enjoy and discover beautiful Coral in The Red Sea and Underwater Colourful Fish.

It is a very recreational program that is preferable to an enthusiast for Snorkeling.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are very interesting activities that help you to gain more experience in Under Sea Life but there are more differences between Scuba Diving and Snorkeling:

  • Snorkeling means swim on the water surface and through it. In Snorkeling, we don’t use complicated Scuba Diving equipment but we use snorkeling equipment including Diving Mask, Snorkel which is a shaped tube that allows you to breathe, also swimfins, and sometimes a wetsuit.
  • Scuba Diving means swim to dive deep into The Sea. Scuba Diving equipment is more complicated than Snorkeling equipment. Scuba Divers use Mask, Fins, Tank to breathe with it and snorkel.
  • Scuba Divers use Snorkeling to observe The Under Sea View from The Surface, enjoying with jellyfish and Coral Groups under The Water.
  • Snorkeling is the best choice for you if you are a beginner in diving. Snorkeling doesn't need a diving experience, you can enjoy with Snorkeling Trip by following Our Certified Divers instructions to spend a more comfortable and amazing trip.
  • Scuba Diving needs experience in diving and how to use diving equipment to safely dive with our Diving Center.

 If you don’t have any experience of diving, don’t worry you can start now with very special Diving Courses for beginners. Deep Dive Hurghada Diving Center conducts training according to The PADI system .you will earn a diving Certificate after finishing The Course to be Qualified for Diving anywhere .you be able to dive like a professional and discover beautiful flora and fauna under the Sea.

Take your trip for one day onboard watching the beautiful marine from the surface. It is an awesome program, Join Now.


INCLUDED for Price

Food and beverages onboard
Lunch, Coffee, Tea, Water & Soft Drinks are included 

  • One day on board including two times of snorkeling. Time for lunch in between the two times.
  • Transfer



For hotels inside Hurghada:

Transfer from/to hotel is free of charge

For Hotels in El Gouna & Sahl Hasheesh & Makadi Bay & Soma Bay :

Transfer from /To Hotel is for a surcharge of €15 per day per car (up to 4 persons)


For One Person :



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Алина Федорова

Незабываемое было погружение, для меня это первый дайв и теперь точно уверена,что не последний, спасибо огромное профессионалу своего дела инструктору Ахмеду ,рекомендую deep dive.Спасибо за полученные эмоции!!!!

Islam El Nady

A very decent diving center, i highly recommend

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